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Security Seals for tachographs METER NANO T

METER NANO T | Security Seals

Security seals for analogue or digital tachographs.

Referenced in:

  • Royal Decree 125/2017, which establishes the technical requirements and operating standards that tachograph technical centers must comply with.
  • Standard UNE 66102/2017, Management system for tachograph technical centers.
  • EU Standard 16882:2016, UNE-EN 16882:2017, Road vehicles - Safety of mechanical seals used in tachographs. Testing requirements and methods.

ROYAL PACK was the first European company to obtain certification as a manufacturer of security seals for tachographs in accordance with EU regulation EN 16882:2016. Their security seals are identified by the unique sequence number prefixed with RP.  

The METER NANO T security seal has been specially developed for use, together with suitable wire, in sealing the gearbox sensor of commercial vehicles.  

Engravings on the molds with the T logo and the manufacturer's identification, indelibly marked with the unique sequential number RP and optionally with the bi-dimensional codes (QR or DATAMATRIX) and the code of the technical center.  

They are presented in 10-unit combs to facilitate their use, sequential selection and traceability.

White security seals for analog or digital tachographs - Royal PackWhite security seals for analog or digital tachographs - Royal Pack02
White security seals for analog or digital tachographs - Royal Pack03White security seals for analog or digital tachographs - Royal Pack04White security seals for analog or digital tachographs - Royal Pack05

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