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Security seals GRIP SEGUR 90

GRIP SEGUR 90- Security Seal


Security seal with adjustable length toothed strap, 100% recyclable, new generation design and smooth strap to enable speedy and efficient application.  

Reinforced strap offers high mechanical strength and exposes tampering. High dimension print area. 

APPROVED BY: Banks, Transportation / Distribution, Airlines, Laboratories.

  • LOCKING: Intricate plastic insert ensures maximum seal locking strength
  • MATERIAL: Polypropylene or polyamide (nylon).  
  • OPERATIONAL LENGHT: 200 or 300 mm.  
  • PRINTING AREA: 25 x 90 mm.  
  • OPTIONAL: Tear line and `POST' (Tear line, grip spikes and label holders).
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grip segurgrip segur
post security sealsealsegur 90

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