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Wednesday - 19.June.2019

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    • CERTIFICATIONS ISO 9001: 2015 / ISO 14001: 2015
         This year ROYAL PACK obtained ISO 9001: 2015 certifications in the Quality Management System and ISO 14001: 2015 in the Environmental Management System for a period of three years.  For the ISO 14001:2015  the certification was carried out in nqa/UKAS, one of the companies that enjoys great prestige within the European Union for its reliability and rigour. ...
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        Since the 9th of February of this year, compliance with the European Directive on Fake Medicines (FMD) is already mandatory.   ROYAL PACK contributes with its labels and security seals to ensure the integrity of the product and authenticity of the medicines. ...
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        Within the range of security seals that ROYAL PACK provides to the aviation sector and in particular air catering, our CABLE TROLLEY model is already successfully sold for its extra security.  This model of security seal embraces the trolley in all its contour, offering greater guarantee to the attempts of undue manipulation....
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        Outsourcing documents custody helps companies to gain space in their facilities and assures the safe of such documents.   ROYAL PACK actively participates along with the several Custody Companies in order to ensure the security of documents applying either security seals or security labels on the containers. ...
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        The ROYAL PACK team wishes to transmit its enthusiasm for the beginning of the 2019.  Our goals are aimed to meet the challenges, in order to keep growing in investments and new customers.    Thank you for trusting in our products and sharing your projects with us...
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    • ROYAL PACK continues to develop unique seals
        With more than 20 patents in developments of security seals, ROYAL PACK remains true to its spirit of innovation. In 2019 we will introduce new security products. ...
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    • New machine for metrology securityseal
         ROYAL PACK has incorporated into its production plant, a new machine developed to automate the assembly of the different components that are in a metrology security seal.  The new machine will allow ROYAL PACK to increase its production capacity and quality control ...
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    • Seals that certify
        On September 18, the MEAT ATTRACTION 2018 was held in Madrid.     Among other exhibitors of the fair was ASICI (Interprofessional Association of the Iberian Pig). This Association regulates the standard that certifies using security seals by ROYAL PACK, the compliance with the quality standard of the Iberian (R.D. 4/20114)....
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    • New machine for seals with metal insert
         After the summer full of energy and projects, ROYAL PACK has incorporated a new automatic machine for metal inserts on security seals in its production plant.      Our investments and enthusiasm for the future are the result of growth through the increase in sales and loyalty that our customers provide us....
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    • The fraud of expired Iberian ham
        On July 16 a news was published in the digital newspaper, about a fraud with expired and in poor condition Iberian hams.   ROYAL PACK with its approved security seals, provides security and guarantee compliance with the Iberian ham quality standard (RD 4/2014). ...
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